AccuHistory: 1984: Introducing AccuData

More at: In 1984, AccuWeather Introduced the AccuData dial-up computer weather database. Promo clip transcription: “Accu-Data is the fastest, most comprehensive weather database. Accu-Data includes AMPS, the revolutionary advanced map plotting system. Meteorologists everywhere are discovering Accu-Data has all the data they need and more. Accu-Data contains hourly surface observations, digitized radars, upper air data, model output, plain language forecasts, severe weather bulletins, and 15,000 daily reports and forecasts. Accu-Data is fast and very easy to use. Dozens of meteorologists who have used older databases have learned to switch to Accu-Data in minutes. Get the latest computer technology at your fingertips with Accu-Data. Better response times, more options and better resolution at an average savings at 30%-60%, and no expensive overtime penalty costs. Accu-Data, your best database choice.”

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