Canadian Headline News – Winter birds arrive early in Thunder Bay, Ont. – Thunder Bay

Pileated woodpeckers, redpolls and evening and pine grosbeaks are just some of the birds residents in Thunder Bay, Ont. have been seeing a lot more of in the last few weeks. These winter birds are arriving sooner than expected, said Connie Hartviksen, a member of the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists. 

“This year I’m seeing them a little earlier than I normally do, in the number that are present, and I think there’s a few factors involved in that,” Hartviksen explained. “One of them is the recent weather we’ve had. We’ve had a strong southern wind that may have blown some of our migratory birds off course.” 

In addition to the southern wind, Hartviksen said she believes “the snow storms have settled some of the migrants down so they can weather the storms out before they move on.”

However, with the winter birds arriving about six weeks early, coupled with the lack of wild food available for them during the winter months, Hartviksen said she, along with other residents in northwestern Ontario, have been making sure to put out enough bird feeders despite the potential danger of bears.

“I live rural and I really hesitate to put feed out this time of the year, because quite often we still have bears around that will ravage our feeders, but I have been putting feed out, just enough for a 24 hour feed for the birds and I go out and refuel again in the morning,” Hartviksen continued.


Officials say strong southern winds could be the reason why this female pileated woodpecker arrived to northwestern Ontario about six weeks earlier than previous seasons. (Connie Hartviksen / Tbay Field Naturalist Facebook)

She said while some of the winter birds are only here to refuel, others will most likely stay for the winter.

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