Edmonton woman upset after school bus strands granddaughter for more than an hour

An Edmonton woman is complaining after her granddaughter waited more than an hour for a school bus on Tuesday morning.

Terri Oliver, who lives in Mill Woods, said her 11-year-old granddaughter stood outside with other children in the Ellerslie area, waiting for her school bus. The girl eventually called her mother, who left work and took her to school in southeast Edmonton.

Oliver said she’s still angry about the incident.

“My grandkids are pretty important to me,” Oliver told CBC’s Radio Active on Wednesday.

“They deserve to be taken care of.”

Oliver and her daughter contacted Southland Transportation and voiced their concerns.

“We had a driver no-show and by the time we got the spare driver in and on the route, it was running late,” said Lindy Crosbie, general manager of Southland Transportation.

She said the company posts alerts online when buses are running more than 10 minutes late. Oliver said her daughter monitors her son’s bus via GPS alerts, but that the alerts have never worked for her daughter’s bus.

Southland Transportation sent another bus to transport the children. Crosbie did not say how long the delay lasted.

Oliver, who drove a truck for 20 years and a school bus in Whitecourt during the 1990s, said companies should have protocols in place to prevent lengthy delays.

“In any job, is that not due diligence, and if we’re dealing with children, should that not be a little more stressed?”

Crosbie would not say whether any disciplinary action was taken against the driver but said she has apologized to the family.

“Safety is our number 1 core value so we strive to make sure all kids get safely home,” she said.

Oliver said her granddaughter rode the school bus this morning. Her mother waited nearby until it showed up.

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