Even traffic light couldn’t stop this bull elk from charging

It’s elk rutting season and Parks Canada hopes visitors will get the point, but not literally.

On Thursday, Jasper National Park shared photographic evidence of the kind of damage a bull elk with mating on his mind can do.

Officials posted a photo on Twitter and Facebook of a Parks Canada pickup truck with four large holes in the side, two in a rear door and two in the box.

“Why should you stay in your car when viewing elk during the rut?” the post asked, somewhat rhetorically.

Truck was stopped at traffic light

“These holes were made by a charging bull elk when the truck stopped at a traffic light this past weekend,” the post said. “No one was hurt, but this is a great reminder about the continuing elk rut and the need to give wildlife space.”

Rutting season runs from about Sept. 1 to Oct. 15, Parks Canada said on its website.

Bull elk are “extremely dangerous” at this time of year and will attack “anything that comes too close to them or their mates.”

“You are in danger if a bull elk appears agitated, has his antlers lowered toward you, and is pawing the ground or thrashing bushes.

“Charging is another obvious danger sign.”

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