Green bin collection gets thumbs up from parties of all colours in Ontario

All the major political parties in Ontario agree that a curbside green bin collection program should exist in your large city by 2025.

The province approved a framework this week that requires all cities of a certain size and density to have an organic food and waste collection program in place within seven years. 

It also calls for organic and food waste collection at apartment buildings, shopping centres, grocery stores, and restaurants.

How onboard are they?

The Liberals

  • They were the elected government when the framework was approved. 

The New Democratic Party

  • “We fully support it,” said Windsor West MPP Lisa Gretzky on behalf of the party. 

The Conservative Party

  • When asked by CBC News if they would keep this policy in place a spokesperson replied “I’ll keep it short and sweet. Yes.”

The Green Party

  • Their party document states they want to “turn organic waste into compost and renewable natural gas by requiring organic source separation and banning organic waste from disposal.”

What Windsor residents are saying

Shawna Munro is on board with organic and food waste collection at the curb. (Sanjay Maru/CBC)

“I think it’s great,” said Shawna Munro who has been composting for more than a year in Windsor. 

Munro said it’s saved the amount of garbage she throws out a week. 

Jeremy Fokuoh said Windsor should add green bins to their recycling program. (Sanjay Maru/CBC)

Jeremy Fokuoh said his family in Brampton already uses a curbside collection program for green bins. 

“They’ve been doing the green box so if anything it’s good for Windsor to start implementing that,” said Fokuoh.

Hanna Chang said she plans to be apart of the green bin program. (Sanjay Maru/CBC)

Hannah Chang said this was the first she heard of the changes and is happy they’re coming to the province.

“It’s nice to see it finally coming down here,” said Chang.

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