‘News flash morons, I’m in Edmonton’: Wanted B.C. man arrested after revealing location to media

Jessie Dean Kowalchuk has been transported back to Kamloops from Edmonton  to face a judge for three charges of breach of probation stemming from three separate files in 2015.

Last December, Kowalchuk saw his photo being circulated by Kamloops media outlet CFJC Today as part of a weekly Most Wanted segment, said Kamloops RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Jodi Shelkie.

He then sent a direct message on Facebook to CFJC Today.

“News flash morons: I’m in Edmonton and not coming back,” said Kowalchuk in part of his message, which was given to CBC by the RCMP. 

“The tone of his message was very derogatory stating that the RCMP had missed the ball, because he’d been living in Edmonton for three years,” said Shelkie. 

Warrant extended

After the RCMP became aware of Kowalchuk’s Facebook post, it requested the B.C. Prosecution Service extend his three outstanding warrants to Alberta.

On May 10, he was arrested by Edmonton police, remanded and then sent back to Kamloops, said Shelkie.

“We’re just really pleased that he sent the message advising where he was living in Alberta and that we were able to extend the warrants to Alberta so that we could bring him back here to face charges,” she said.

“You’ve  got to face up to your actions at some point and you know it doesn’t matter where you go. Sooner or later the police are going to find you, and in this case, we did.”

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