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weather news today – Cleaning Washington, DC’s Rivers

A giant machine named after a former first lady has been hard at work. Jen…

weather news today – How To Use and Care For A Power Generator

Expert Bill Palmer shows viewers how to use and care for a portable power generator….

weather news today – Box Jelly Fish Sighted on Jersey Shore!

Box jellyfish are very rare, and are seen usually in the tropics. So how on…

Dark sky parks in the US for stargazers

Hidden around the country are some of the darkest areas perfect for stargazing. The spectacular…

Weather Today and News Headlines at

What every parent needs to know about ‘dry drowning’

Children are especially vulnerable to this type of drowning because they are usually inexperienced swimmers….

weather today – weather forecast

It’s Hurricane Week! Jim Cantore breaks down the Air Force and NOAA’s Hurricane Hunter fleet…