Reed Timmer reports from Vail Pass, Colorado on the upcoming winter storm

Gusty winds and snow will sweep across the north-central United States from Monday night to Tuesday night. Extreme meteorologist Reed…

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weather news today – Raw: Levee blown up

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers exploded a large section of a Mississippi River levee in a desperate attempt to…

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weather news today – Natural Born Monsters: Rattlesnake Encounter

Meet the largest venomous snake in the United States, the eastern diamondback rattlesnake. They can jump half their body length…

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weather news today – The U.S. is the Tornado Capital of the World

On average the U.S. experiences more than 1200 tornadoes per year. We countdown the top 10 places with the most…

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Tranquil 360 view of stunning Pennsylvania waterfalls

Take in this beautiful scene in full 360 from Dry Run Falls, within Pennsylvania’s Loyalsock State Forest. At nearly 20…

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hourly weather – Point of Viewer: Canadian wildlife captured perfectly

Point of Viewer: Canadian wildlife captured perfectly source #TheWeatherNetwork #Weather #weathernews #Weatherforecasts and more Headline News Canadian Headline News

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hourly weather – Weather Wise S1E2: Where does Earth’s weather actually happen?

Become a weather junkie  —  SUBSCRIBE NOW Follow us on Twitter ► Like us on Facebook ► Follow us on…

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