Canadian Weather and News – Meanwhile in Canada, they don’t need cars anymore

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AWW! Otters playing in the snow in Buffalo Zoo

Dec 17, 2016; 1:50 PM ET Fresh powder of snow was dumped in the Buffalo Zoo in New York, and…

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Is snow safe to eat?

Everybody has done it, but should you eat snow? It may not be as clean as you think. source #AccuWeather…

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weather news today – Destination Uncharted: Hidden Animal Wars

We follow extreme photographer Adam Ravetch, who will stop at nothing in the deadly arctic climate, to get that one…

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hourly weather – Ottawa River crests during historic flooding, listen to the roar

The Ottawa River crested on Monday, May 8, after days of rising water that has flooded parts of Ottawa and…

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Laura Velasquez gives the latest on Holiday travel for the US.

Laura gives the holiday travel holiday forecast for the US. source #AccuWeather #Weather #Weathernews #weatherforecast #WestherVideos and more Headline News…

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weather news today – Talking Tropics: How Do Hurricanes Get Their Names?

Meteorologist Michael Lowry explains how hurricanes are named, what organization has that responsibility and more! #WeatherVideos #Weatherforecast #WeatherNews #weatherchannel Headline…

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weather news today – 23.5° with Sam Champion

Diving into today’s top scientific issues on climate, tech, space and more. Premiering on The Weather Channel in February. #WeatherVideos…

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weather news today – Austin’s Weather Forecast

Weather forecast for Austin, Texas. #WeatherVideos #Weatherforecast #WeatherNews #weatherchannel Headline News [su_feed url=”” limit=”15″] Canadian Headline News [su_feed url=”” limit=”20″]

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weather news today – NOAA Releases Images From GOES-16

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) just released the first images from GOES-16. Jen Carfagno speaks with NOAA Research…

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