hourly weather – Swarms of fish flies legitimately look like tornadoes in Saskatchewan field

Check out this scene in Saskatchewan, is it enough to make you squirm? Become a weather junkie — SUBSCRIBE NOW…

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weather news today – Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

Stephanie Abrams talk to MSNBC correspondent Richard Lui and Nassau County Fire Safety instructor John Priest quizzes you on how…

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weather news today – Dangers of Driving on Wet Leaves

Jen Carfagno takes a 3D look at how driving on wet leaves is as dangerous as driving on ice! #WeatherVideos…

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Canadian Weather and News – Groundhog Day: Wiarton Willie’s verdict | Ontario groundhog

Is it six more weeks of winter or an early spring? Find out the official verdict from Canada’s Wiarton Willie…

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weather news today – Washington DC’s Weather Forecast

Weather forecast for Washington DC. #WeatherVideos #Weatherforecast #WeatherNews #weatherchannel Headline News [su_feed url=”http://rss.cbc.ca/lineup/topstories.xml” limit=”15″] Canadian Headline News [su_feed url=”http://rss.cbc.ca/lineup/canada.xml” limit=”20″]

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