Reed Timmer reports from Oklahoma on a potential tornado outbreak

Oct 4, 2016; 12:55 PM ET Extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer reports from Norman, Oklahoma for a tornado potential outbreak near…

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weather news today – Strangest Weather On Earth: Liquid Gold!

Want to strike it rich? Revel in a waterfall of liquid gold! See nature at its weirdest and its most…

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hourly weather – THIS is why they love you – how to really avoid mosquitoes

Five things you may not realize you’ve been doing to attract one of the most annoying things about warmer weather…mosquitoes.…

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weather news today – Working for The Weather Company

#WeatherVideos #Weatherforecast #WeatherNews #weatherchannel Headline News [su_feed url=”” limit=”15″] Canadian Headline News [su_feed url=”” limit=”20″]

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weather news today – Weather Gone Viral: Baby Elephant Almost Gets Swept Away

After heavy rain, this river turns into a dangerous crossing for elephants. A little baby elephant almost gets swept away,…

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