Canadian Weather and News – North Carolina police end shift with snowball fight, hilarity ensues

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Weather today – HURRICANES: East Coast Lashed, Flooding widespread

News Headlines world news and more Hurricanes “Doria,” “Beulah,” and “Chloe,” bring death, danger, and destruction. “Doria” lashes the Eastern…

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weather news today – Hurricane 360: Kait Parker reflects on Superstorm Sandy

Tonight on an all-new Hurricane 360, we take you into the heart of Superstorm Sandy as it makes landfall on…

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weather news today – Coast Guard Alaska Season 2

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weather news today – Millions in Path of Winter Storm Cleon

Will you be affected by the monster Winter Storm Cleon? Matt Sampson talks to Winter Weather Expert Tom Niziol about…

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hourly weather – Dog tied to pole tries to keep head above water in Louisiana flooding

A truly heartbreaking image encompasses the hardships and trials happening during the historic flooding in Louisiana. source #TheWeatherNetwork #Weather #weathernews…

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Weather today – OKLAHOMA FLOODS

News Headlines world news and more The Cimarron River goes on its worst rampage in history, adding to the woes…

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hourly weather – Car narrowly avoids 4 moose on snowy road

According to the video owner’s sister upon seeing the herd in the middle of the road, the driver started to…

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