Reed Timmer reports on severe storms and flooding in Dekle Beach, Florida

Aug 09, 2016; 8:10 AM ET Extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer shows aftermath of heavy rain over the weekend in Dekle…

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weather news today – Oklahoma: Tornado Target Premieres Sun. May 22

In the heart of Tornado Alley, Moore, OK, alone has taken direct hit from three powerful tornadoes in the last…

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Watch as powerful winds send big rig spinning across Wyoming highway

Dec 20, 2016; 7:30 PM ET Strong winds on a highway in Wyoming caused this 18-wheeler truck to spin out.…

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weather news today – Timing Out the Blizzard

Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari talks about where and when the worst of Winter Storm Juno will hit. #WeatherVideos #Weatherforecast #WeatherNews #weatherchannel…

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weather news today – What is a Polar Vortex?

We all hear this term tossed around, but what really is a Polar Vortex, or more importantly…what isn’t it? Our…

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AccuWeather: On Your Computer, Television and Mobile Device

source #AccuWeather #Weather #Weathernews #weatherforecast #WestherVideos and more Headline News [su_feed url=”” limit=”15″] Canadian Headline News [su_feed url=”” limit=”20″]

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Drone: Stunning view of Sacramento floodgates opening for first time in 11 years

Jan 10, 2017; 7:10 PM ET Seven floodgates at the Sacramento Weir in California were opened on Jan 10 for…

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