hourly weather – Myth Busted: Is the rain enough to clean your car?

When it rains it pours and some like to think ‘at least I’m getting a free car wash.’ But is…

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Reed Timmer catches snowy Army-Navy game in Philadelphia

With a winter storm barreling through the Northeast on Dec. 8, storm chaser Reed Timmer decided to catch an Army/Navy…

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Laura Coppertone Demo

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weather news today – Deadliest Space Weather: Two-Eyed Cyclone

A bad day on Earth is nothing compared to a day on Venus! Winds create a massive cyclone with two…

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weather news today – Freaks of Nature: Mr. Heatwave!

Scott Jurek is an ultra-marathon runner who claims he can run for hours in the hottest places on earth. Scott…

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3 ways to create shade for your deck or patio

Giving yourself shade not only makes the summer bearable, it can also protect you against harmful UV rays. Check out…

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