weather news today – Hurricanes: Inside the Eye

Hurricanes can flatten coastlines and can cause catastrophic flooding. We deep-dive into the science behind one of the strongest forces…

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Canadian Weather and News – HUGE waterspout luckily does this before it hits Alabama shore

A large water spout was reported at Mullet Point, south of Fairpoint, Alabama, on June 15. The National Weather Service…

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weather news today – Secrets of the Fall Equinox

The Weather Channel host Matt Sampson spoke with meteorologist Jon Erdman about what the Fall Equinox is and what one…

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Dan Kottlowski Interview – Acculive – 06/13/2013

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weather news today – Open Your Windows During Tornado?

For years the advice has been if you are in the path of a tornado, you should open your windows,…

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weather news today – Space Heater Safety

Hundreds of people die in the U.S. each year from fires started by heating equipment. There are some easy things…

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weather news today – 1930s Dust Bowl

In the 1930s, the Dust Bowl ravaged the Great Plains, we dive into the weather factors and farming techniques that…

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