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Unprecedented events happen all the time. Yet, a drastic turn of events had happened to a 15-year-old girl who was reported to be gang-raped. Unexpectedly, the event was filmed and posted on Facebook Live and over 40 people had watched the brutal act.

According to USA Today, the 15-year-old had been missing since Sunday from her home in Lawndale and was found by the Chicago Police on Tuesday. The photos from the attack found by the mother and was then shown to Superintendent Eddie Johnson. The girl’s uncle was then mentioned to be the one who came across the video and told the mother.

Yet, the drastic part is that aside from the video being posted, among the 40 identified to live stream the act, no one ever called the police or authorities. The girl’s mother then said that someone doing something like that and just posting it on Facebook like a joke is just terrible.

“The superintendent was visibly upset when he saw the pictures of the girl and was dismayed when he learned that people were watching the incident live and no one called the police,” police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi stated.

Nonetheless, Facebook was mentioned not to comment on the deleted content of the assault. Whether the video was flagged by any users who had seen it wasn’t answered. It was just released in a statement that they are ensuring their responsibility for their user’s safety. Contents similar to the hideous crime was also said in the statement to not be allowed to be posted on Facebook.

Rest assured, Fox News mentioned that the girl is now with her family and in a hospital near the area in a stable condition. The Chicago Police then tweeted that they are making good progress in identifying the persons of interest as the indecent criminals responsible for the hateful act.

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