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Almost anyone wants to spend time anywhere along with their smartphones. Yet, in a drastic way, charging anywhere led a man’s death astray due to charging his iPhone in the bath.

According to The Sun, the man who died was identified to be Richard Bull. The 32-year-old man was then said to charge his iPhone in the bath. Bull was then reported to have severe burns on chest, arm and hand as the charger of his iPhone made contact with water.

It was then believed that Bull must’ve rested his iPhone on his chest while bathing. In which, the smartphone is charged into a plug in his hallway. His wife, Tanya Bull was said to discover his husband’s body and mistook his husband to be attacked to his severe injuries.
Tanya stated further that she had called 999 paramedics yet it was too late. Bull’s death last Dec. 11, 2016, was then ruled as an accident. His coroner, Dr. Sean Cummings then said that “They should attach warnings.”

Dr. Cummings then decided to file a case for Apple in order to avoid future death per BBC. However, Product safety manager Steve Curtler mentioned that an electronic device wouldn’t lead to a person’s death unless it is charged. He then further added that amid genuine charger usage compared to non-branded ones, it is still a risk charging devices with near contact to water.

“You’re wet which conducts electricity a lot better, you’re in the bath with no clothes on so skin resistance is less. You’re vulnerable in the bathroom,” he concluded. In addition to Curtler’s statement, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) had also issued a warning. Public health adviser Sheila Merril then said that “If you got any appliance attached to the mains electricity circuit you have to be aware there is a danger there.

Apple hasn’t yet responded to their request for a comment on the issue as reported.

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