weather news today – Rethinking Weather Webinar

Weather (and the weather forecast) is one of the biggest unmeasured & unmanaged influencers of consumer behavior, and the impact is getting larger due to the confluence of the ubiquitous use of smartphones and the increasing volatility of the climate.

To date, businesses have mostly taken a reactive view of the influence of weather on consumers but now, with the advent of sophisticated “big data” analytics, improved and more precise forecasts, and new supply chain / ad tech capabilities, the use of weather as an objective planning and execution lever is becoming more common.

In this recorded webinar, Paul Walsh explores the reasons behind the increasing influence of the weather forecast on consumer behavior, the new technologies that are now enabling increased forecasting precision, examples of how companies are leveraging weather and technology to increase sales and profitability, and what the future holds as it relates to using weather data and forecasts as the basis for creating business strategies.

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